TachoArchive analysis software for archiving and viewing DDD files on a Windows PC

Analyze recorded data from digital tachographs and driver cards.

In addition to local archive, the TachoArchive app also allows you to prepare records, review and display the activities of drivers and vehicles.

TachoArchive is easily installed on your Windows PC.

The application allows you to read and archive driver card data, archive existing driver and digital tachograph files, prepare reports on the activities of the driver and vehicle (pdf or xls format).

It allows companies to be compiled with the actual EU legislation.

The GUI of application is displayed below.

User Interfaces


Advantages of the solution

TachoArchive application is easy to use and has a user interface in several languages: English, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian.


The price of TachoArchive is 300,00 EUR + VAT.

Optionally, you can order a smart card reader to read driver cards.
Reader price: 50,00 EUR +VAT.

  • easy archiving of digital tachographs and driver cards
  • records, view, inspection and display of the activities for drivers and vehicles
  • for drivers: daily activities, working hours, km travelled – by day and vehicle, daily driver overruns
  • for vehicles: daily activities of the vehicle

Yes. The application is easy to use and contains comprehensive instructions, but we also offer additional training of users (against payment).

To use the app, you need the following:

  • Intel Celeron 1 GHz-based computer, 512 MB of RAM
  • Windows 10 or higher, x86 or x64
  • USB smart card reader (or buy it)
  • company and driver tachograph card
  • MS SQL Server Express 2019 local database or later (this version is free and installs when installing the application if necessary)

Simple. Fill out the online form below and we will send you a quote. After the payment of quote we will arrange the installation on your PC within a few days.

No. There are no additional monthly or annual costs after purchasing the application.

We charge upgrades and updated versions of the application that are the result of changed requirements from the legislature.

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