TachoAndroid app for Android mobile phones and tablets

Use your mobile phone as a device to download data from the digital tachograph and driver card!

Ensure that drivers download data from digital tachographs and cards up to date without additional equipment.

TachoAndroid application is easily installed on your Android mobile phone. Using a smart card reader, you can download all data from driver card and you can download vehicle data using a digital tachograph cable. The smart card reader and the cable for connection to the digital tachograph are part of our offer.

TachoAndroid mobile software allows you to send downloaded data of digital tachographs and driver cards remotely.

TachoAndroid software is integrated with TachoArchive.

User Interfaces


Basic Menu

TachoAndroid-Tachographs-download-vehicle activities

Driver activities


Overview of driver data


Places, locations


Overview of vehicle data


Special conditions

Advantages of the solution

TachoAndroid mobile application allows easy transfer of downloaded data from digital tachograph or card to central archive and provides all legal obligations regarding the recording of data from the digital tachograph.


The price of the TachoAndroid package is 350,00 EUR + VAT.

The package includes:

  • TachoAndroid mobile application
  • cable to connect the phone to the tachograph
  • smart card reader
  • Reading driver card data: by connecting the reader, driver data can be transferred to your mobile phone and analyzed
  • Reading data from digital tachograph: by connecting a special cable for communication between the mobile phone and the digital tachograph, data can be downloaded from the digital tachograph
  • Driver data overview: provides an overview of basic reports for drivers, such as driver activities, events, errors, vehicles, card insertions,…
  • vehicle data overview: allows you to review basic vehicle reports such as daily vehicle activities, events, errors, technical data
  • data transfer: you can send mobile data to your email or other subscriber information system via mobile or wi-fi network

You can display the displayed reports upright or landscape.
You can choose between a general scan of the C file of the driver or the M file of the vehicle.
You can view detailed activities of the driver or vehicle at the level of each day.
You can view recorded Errors and Events that are recorded on the driver or tachograph card.
In the driver’s menu, you can view the vehicles in which the card was used.
In the tachograph menu, you can see which cards have been inserted.
On the Conditions tab, you can see specific recorded conditions.

Yes. The application is very easy to use and contains comprehensive instructions, but we still offer additional training of users (against payment).

To use the app on your Android device (phone or tablet) you need the following:

  • phone with Android OS 6.x or higher
  • USB-C connector to connect a data cable or smart card reader
  • company data card

Simply. Fill out the online form below and we will send you a quote. After payment the quote we will send you equipment (cable and reader) in a few days. The software will be sent to you electronically.

Of course. If you need a solution for reading driver cards, we can only offer you a TachoAndroid app and a card reader. We can always adjust the offer according to your needs.

No. There are no additional monthly or annual costs after purchasing the application.

We only charge upgrades and updated versions of the program that are the result of changed requirements from the legislature.

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