Tachograph Download and Analysis Software

Use your Android mobile phone to download data
from the digital tachograph and the driver card!

Adventages of the solution

The Tachograph application allows you to transfer data from a driver card
or digital tachograph using an Android mobile phone.

Low costs

The company or user can download and send tachograph data anytime and anywhere using his own mobile phone. Thus, it does not require special tachograph equipment or driving a vehicle to workshops where data is carried out.

Easy usage

The mobile application enables data transfer from both the driver card and the digital tachograph. The data can be transferred to your e-mail address or to custom back-end system. The user can track the history of rides on his own mobile phone.


The driver does not have to drive the vehicle to the workshop every 90 days, which reduces harmful gas emissions and the possibility of traffic inconveniences.

Mobile application Tachograph is easily installed on an Android mobile phone. You can transfer all driver data using a smart card reader, and you can transfer vehicle data using a cable to connect to a digital tachograph. A smart card reader and a cable for connection to a digital tachograph are included in the offer of our package.

The offered solution ensures legal requirements that are met in the  Council Regulation (EU) N° 165/2014  and Regulation (EEC) N° 3821/85 that has been updated by Regulation (EU) N° 165/2014. The policy prescribes the recording of a digital tachograph every 90 days and the recording of a driver card every 28 calendar days.

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