Tachographs are a key part of the transport industry and make it possible to track the driver’s driving time, rest periods and working hours. Understanding tachograph signs is essential for drivers, hauliers and anyone involved in the transport of goods. In this blog, we will explore the meaning and interpretation of different tachograph symbols.

What is a tachograph?

A tachograph is a device installed in trucks that records driving, speed, distance and time data. It is used to ensure compliance with legislation on working time and rest. Vehicles that must be equipped with a tachograph include:

  • Lorries with a maximum permissible mass of more than 3.5 tonnes.
  • Vehicles with more than nine seats (including the driver).
  • There are also exceptions.

Digital tachographs are mandatory for all vehicles placed on the market for the first time after 1 May 2006. Analogue tachographs were used before that date. From 1 July 2026, tachographs will also have to be installed in vehicles over 2.5 tonnes.

Meaning of the different tachograph signs

Digital tachograph

The digital tachograph is an upgrade of the classic analogue tachograph. It is used to accurately record data and makes it easy to check the driver’s driving time.

Tachograph symbols

– Driving Pictogram: This symbol shows that the driver is driving while driving.

– Rest Pictogram: Indicates a period of rest.

– Work Pictogram: Indicates that the driver is doing work other than driving.

– Pictogram for Remaining Driving Time: Shows the remaining time that the driver can spend behind the wheel.

Easy recording of tachograph data

The web platform Tacho4U enables easy recording and analysis of tachograph data activity. With a smartphone app, drivers can easily record their trips, review history, and ensure legal compliance.

How to check compliance with tachograph legislation

Driving log

Drivers must accurately record their driving time, rest periods and working hours. The journey log is crucial for verifying compliance with tachograph legislation. In it, drivers must record:

– Driving Time: The period when they are behind the wheel.

– Rest Period: The period when they rest.

– Work Time: The time when they perform tasks other than driving.

Data analysis

The web platform Tacho4U enables easy recording and analysis of tachograph data activity. Drivers can:

– Record Rides: With the help of a mobile app, drivers can easily record their rides.

– Review History: They can review past rides and check compliance with the rules in the app.

– Track driving time: The platform warns of driving and rest time overruns.

Easy data recording and analysis

Tacho4U allows drivers to easily record and analyse tachograph data with their phone. The website offers:

– Smartphone app: Drivers can easily record their rides using the app.

– Web portal: On the web portal, they can review history, check compliance, and analyze data.

Tachograph signs are crucial for tracking driving and rest times. Using appropriate tools such as Tacho4U makes it easier to record and analyze data and ensure compliance with legislation.


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