Tacho download software for Windows computers

Use your laptop as a device to download data from the digital tachograph and driver card!

Download data from digital tachographs without visiting specialist workshops.

TachoDownloader application replaces the purchase of expensive keys to download data from the digital tachograph. All we need is a laptop, a smart card reader and a data cable for tachograph. Smart card reader and cable for connection to digital tachograph are part of our offer.

The software is easily installed on your Windows laptop. Using a USB data cable or card reader, the software allows you to transfer data from digital tachographs and driver cards. All DDD files – Tachograph M_ files and driver C_ files – are easily saved to predefined folders on your computer.

TachoDownloader software is integrated with TachoArchive.



Advantages of the solution

TachoDownload application makes it easy to empty digital tachographs or cards. It is complied with the requirements laid down by legislation in the field of recording of data from digital tachographs.


The price of the TachoDownLoader package is 350,00 EUR + VAT.

The package includes:

  • TachoDownLoader application
  • cable to connect the phone to the tachograph
  • smart card reader
  • Reading driver card data: by connecting the reader, driver data can be transferred to your laptop
  • Reading data from digital tachograph: by connecting a special cable for communication between the mobile phone and the digital tachograph, data can be downloaded from the digital tachograph
  • data transfer: you can send mobile data to your email or other subscriber information system via wi-fi or mobile network
  • viewing data in TachoArchive

Yes. The application is very easy to use and contains comprehensive instructions, but we still offer additional training of users (against payment).

To use the app on your laptop, you need the following:

  • laptop (notebook) with Intel Pentium 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM
  • Windows 10 or later, x86, or x64
  • company and driver card
  • digital tachograph

Simply. Fill out the online form below and we will send you a quote. After payment the quote we will send you equipment (cable and reader) in a few days. We will install the software over a remote connection.

Of course. If you need a solution for reading driver cards, we can only offer you the TachoDownLoader and card reader program. We can always adjust the offer according to your needs.

No. There are no additional monthly or annual costs after purchasing the software.

We charge upgrades and updated versions of the program that are the result of, for example, changed requirements from the legislature.

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