Tachograph and driver card emptying solutions

Use your mobile phone or laptop to transfer data from digital tachographs and driver cards.

Recording data from a digital tachograph

We offer solutions for recording data from the digital tachograph and reading the driver card. Programs allow data to be extracted from the digital tachograph, analysis, record creation, and reports.

Mobile application TachoAndroid is easily installed on your Android mobile phone. You can download all driver data using a smart card reader and you can download vehicle data using a cable to connect to a digital tachograph. A smart card reader and a cable for connection to a digital tachograph are included in the offer of our package. The data are stored on your phone and then uploaded to your central archive with one click.

Windows app TachoDownLoad you install on your laptop. The package also includes a digital tachograph cable and a reader that allow data to be read from the digital tachograph and driver card. The data are stored on your laptop.

Windows application TachoArchive is a central archive where files of all vehicles and drivers are collected. The application allows you to view data from the digital tachograph, analyze, create records and reports.

TachoAndroid dl tachographs

TachoAndroid App

for mobile phone

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TachoDownloader digital tachographs

TachoDownload App

for laptop

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TachoArchive driver card tachographs

TachoArchive App

for laptop/PC

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Main advantages

Using programs is very easy.

The user can download the data using their Android device (phone or tablet) or laptop.

No flash drive or other hardware is required to record data from the digital tachograph.

Reading data and emptying digital tachographs from all manufacturers.

Remote data submission option.

There are no additional costs for monthly or annual maintenance.

Solutions comply with all laws and regulations in the field of digital tachographs.

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Digital tachographs and legislation

The offered solution ensures legal requirements that are met in the  Council Regulation (EU) N° 165/2014  and Regulation (EEC) N° 3821/85 that has been updated by Regulation (EU) N° 165/2014. The policy prescribes the recording of a digital tachograph every 90 days and the recording of a driver card every 28 calendar days.

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